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The concept of „Osetia” Restaurant is an original idea by Vladislav Khabliev, a citizen of the Russian Federation coming from North Ossetia in the Caucasus. Vladislav Khabliev appeared in Torun at the beginning of 2015 when he purchased the Sharp factory in Lysomice near Toruń – currently UMC Poland Sp. z o.o.

The Ossetian businessman is very keen on the promotion of the Ossetian culture and integration of Poles and Ossetians, the more that they have common ancestors, i.e. Sarmatians. That is why he founded a new company: UMC Catering Services Sp. z o.o., which owns the „Osetia”, and gave the Poles the opportunity to taste the Ossetian cuisine.

North Ossetia, also known as Alania, is a part of the Russian Federation – an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus. The population of North Ossetia has a little over 700 thousand people, but it is a nation very brave and proud of its history. Vladikavkaz, with more than 300 thousand inhabitants, is the capital of Ossetia situated in the south-eastern part of the country on the Terek River. The official languages in Alania are Ossetian and Russian.

The coat of arms of North Ossetia shows a golden Persian (snow) leopard on the background of the seven white mountains, standing on a golden ground. The sky is red. These colors refer to the colors of the Ossetian flag, the mountains symbolize the typical landscape of the country, while the leopard- freedom and independence. Next, the flag consists of three colors: white – symbolizing moral purity, red – symbolizing honor and patriotism, and gold – symbolizing wealth and natural resources. There are 2 Ossetian ladies, who came to us from Vladikavkaz, working in our Restaurant. Fatima and Marina together with our Chef Cook Mr. Marcin Kosiński care about the quality of meals at “Osetia”.